Posted by: jdn9775 | November 29, 2008

Time Flies… really really fast

Fall on the Blue Ridge


Where did the time go? Have you ever just wondered why time starts to slip by faster and faster and expereinces begin to snowball? I’m graduating college and it feels like just yesterday I was finishing up high school. I can remember the years I’ve been in college and I can recall a lot of different expereinces, but it went by to quickly.

I’m not sure but think I can pinpoint the moment that time started to accelerate at a pace that was to fast for me. It was the summer between my eight grade year and my freshman year of high school. My friends and me spent a whole summer goofing off, playing paintball, video games, swimming, and being lazy. That was the last long summer I ever had, where nothing really seemed to happen to fast. School was actually a relief from all the fun we had.

Maybe it was work and school that made time start to fly. I started working 20-30 hours a week while in high school and I guess that makes time quicken when combined with school. Then college was just a blur. Finals are always right around the corner and summers feel like two weeks instead of two months. I guess the rapid time acceleration has something to do with being busy, worries, adult concerns, bills, and other tedious things that just didn’t occur when you were younger.

I guess now that I have a semester off between law school I can hopefully recapture that timeless essence that I was robbed of seven years ago. I need to recapture the feeling of a slow day where nothing flies by me a million miles a second. I need to know that I can see the world through different eyes again.

Hawaii; places that remind me of freedom and happiness

Not that college wasn’t great, it was amazing. But I will always yearn for something nostalgic in my past. I think we all do at some level. I had a perfect summer once, an accellerated high school and college experience, and now; now, I have a chance to recapture some of that timelessness feeling that I once owned.

I’m excited. I wish that everyone was afforded the chance to recapture “a perfect” summer where time seems to stand still. Maybe that’s saying something about American society and how we have all become cogs in the corporate machine. I’d like to think that we could all use a little time off to recoup and find a certain timeless essence that we all owned when we were young.

I know that my semester off won’t be the same as that summer of ’00 when all I did was have fun, but at least I can recapture some of the same feelings. That’s enough for me.


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