Posted by: jdn9775 | October 14, 2008

I Want a Job After Graduation: “Thanks, But No Thanks” Palin

As I write this post there are around three weeks until the United States Presidential election. The current economic status of the United States has made me ask questions as to whether we can withstand another incompetent and intellectually crippled President in the White House. No, John McCain is not stupid, well at least probably not as mentally stunted as Bush. But Palin, Palin is one of the scariest people that I have ever seen step onto the political scene. The fact that she could be President of the United States is a scenario that has made me ponder if I can make a life for myself after my undergraduate studies end in December.

I’m planning on going to law school. I’m planning on having a safe, happy and productive life. I’m planning to vote for Obama.

If Palin and McCain take office, I’m planning on moving out of the United States.

Why you ask? Why would any true idealistic American citizen ponder leaving this country? Because, if Palin takes office than the Untied States is destined to experience a rapid downward spiral of depression never before witnessed in this country’s short history.

Let’s examine why Palin could ruin life for nearly all college students who are about to graduate.


First, she has no concept of foreign policy. For God’s sake she wants to invade Pakistan “if it’s necessary to defend democracy.” Christ, did she really just personify democracy? Or, did she just justify the United States as global police? The only reason she was chosen to run with McCain is because of lack of political history and the small fact that she’s a woman. I’m not against a woman taking office. That’s not even the issue. I will gladly vote for a woman candidate if she is qualified. But let’s face it, Palin is not.

Check out her interview with Charlie Gibson.

Charlie Gibson actually has to explain the Bush Doctrine to her. He’s a journalist. She could be President and is a Vice President candidate. She could be President. Huh? 

 She has no fucking clue what the Bush Doctrine is! I’m an undergraduate history major and can tell you more about it than she can. The Republicans want us to vote for her and McCain because she is a woman and a hockey mom? Really?

Let’s look at what Palin had to tell Katie Couric about her understanding of the economic crisis that is plaguing this nation.

The first one demonstrates how inept and unexperienced Palin is in the economic sphere:

Notice how she shifts topic quickly to some random McCain position on lobbyists that is probably unfounded.  

Palin states, “poor decisions should not be rewarded” as she addresses “consumers and predator lenders.” Really? Doesn’t she mean that poor decisions on behalf of financial institutions should not be rewarded? And isn’t the consumer in this instance the victim? Why should the consumer be held accountable for financial institutions back room deals?

The second clip is about Palin discussing the economic bailout. If you can decipher what the hell she’s talking about please tell me. She strays off topic immediately (after stuttering) and just starts saying “America” and “McCain”.

Notice how she stutters and sidesteps the questions whenever possible. It’s not that she doesn’t have answers, [she doesn’t but that’s not the point] she simply does not undertand the problem. You can literally see it in her eyes—she doesn’t get it.


Palin has no answers for Couric and definitely no answers for America. If this is who could one day be the United States commander and chief than we would all be better off living in Canada.


Finally, not to play the celebrity endorsement card, but Matt Damon has truly put Palin into perspective.

Check out his video interview.

Let me point out the key points that Matt Damon makes about Palin: 



  1.  She has no experience. No experience in foreign policy or in governance in general. She only has ONE term as a mayor of a very small town and now governor for a COUPLE years. That’s it.                                                                                                                                                                                       
  2. We in the public know nothing about her. She has no track record per se and there is very little time to actually learn about her. This fact is compounded by all of her interviews that reveal she quickly turns the question into one that she can redirect about John McCain’s position. She doesn’t have one.                                                                                                                                                              
  3.  “It’s absurd.” Damon makes a key point here. It’s absurd to think that Palin, “a hockey mom from Alaska” is going to talk down foreign leaders with folksy sayings that she’s bringing from Alaska. Can you imagine how scary and embarrassing that would be for the United States?                                         
  4. McCain could very well die in office and that would mean Palin wouldbe Madam President. Let’s face it, McCain is an old, old “Maverick” who’s running out of fuel on his last mission.                                                                                                                                                                                                
  5.  In Palin’s interview with Charlie Gibson she lied. Flat out lied. “Thanks, but No Thanks” is the famous one-liner Palin dished out. Here take a look. 

 I don’t believe that this caught red-handed act needs explication. It’s quite simple. Palin lies, has no answers and worse no experience. 

If McCain and Palin enter the White House will any future graduates have opportunities for a financially and politically secure life?


Can we really trust another lying, bumbling ignorant person in office?


 If you are going to graduate school or just graduating you better hope that the voting system works this time, because it hasn’t the last two. Just a friendly reminder Bush lost the popular vote and still won. AND STILL WON. Make your vote count. Make it a landslide. Make sure there’s a career and country left after you graduate. Vote, and vote wisely.


Oh, one final piece of evidence. As of August 29, 2008 Sarah Palin admitted on television that she does not know what the Vice President actually does and needs someone to explain it to her. I just can’t believe she got the nomination. It’s absurd, crazy and most of all horrifying.

Watch the last 35 seconds. 



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