Posted by: jdn9775 | September 4, 2008

Is there life after college?

The end is near. I can’t help but feel nervous about my impending future, which outwardly looks bright. But there are many shadows looming around my silver lining. Law school and my spring semester of freedom are just one semester away but I can’t decide if they are as great as they sound. 

My undergraduate experience was incredibly special to me. Not because I hit a lot of parties or met tons of new people, or even had lots of girlfriends. No, it was special because of my friends, the learning, nurturing environment, and the free time (whenever I could find it to just sit and ponder whatever I learned for the day). 

Of course there is life after college. Lots of it. But there is something completely unique and special about college and I almost wish that I didn’t graduate a semester early. On the other hand having a semester to be a ski bum in California and Colorado is too enticing to reject.


Last season in Utah


The end of college has become a milestone in the lives of many young people and the prospects in the “afterlife” are sometimes bleak when compared to the glorious four years one has to just ponder life’s great mysteries. As the great Stanley Hall (world renowned social psychologist who defined adolescence and the word teenager at the turn of the 20th Century) said, “the student must have the freedom to be lazy.” You said it Mr. Hall. That’s a pretty impressive and progressive outlook for a 50 something year old in 1900 huh? 

I am by no means lazy. In fact the exact opposite. I spend around 35 hours a week outside of class doing school work. But I don’t have a formal job (I play poker on the casino boat out of N. Myrtle Beach). This allows me to make the most of my time when not studying. 

Surfing at 8;30 when most people are at work is an amazing feeling. Waking up at 10 if I was up late is also really nice. 

Anyway the end shouldn’t be this stressful. I always envisioned the closing of my college career as a glorious semester of easy classes, surfing, napping, and partying on occasion. Unfortunately, my dream was clouded by my other dreams of wanting to graduate early, doing a 100 page departmental honors thesis, preparing and taking the LSAT, and applying to law schools. Not the easiest semester by far. 

Hard work does not scare me. What scares me is getting stuck into a 9-5 job that will rule my life.

I’m pretty confident that I am not alone with these feelings at the end of my college career.In fact I know my friends are dreading the end as much as I, but we are all fairly optimistic about the future. Who knows maybe if I play my cards right there might even be more free time in life after college…



  1. I would love to say that there’s more free time after college, but … I hear law school doesn’t have nearly the free time that grad school does.

    But we can always make time, right?

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